Naguib Mahfouz is Egypt’s most renowned writer and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. His stories portray, as authentically as possible, life in Egypt at various periods.

As all the pictures in this part of the project are 1024 x 768, it was decided not to present them within this blog which has a fixed width of 700px (and which it would be too complicated to change). Instead the pictures, in order, are linked separately below. Each link opens in a separate window.

Acknowledgments: I am grateful to the cafe owners and employees of Ash-shams on Sharia 26 of July for allowing me to photograph inside their building, and to the current tenants of Midaq Alley for the same privilege.

All quotes unless otherwise stated are from the works of Naguib Mahfouz.

1 Title

2 Fishawi’s Coffeehouse

3 Enter Midaq Alley

4 A world of its own

5 Nighttime in the alley

6 Kirsha’s cafe

7 Inside

8 Inside II

9 Furniture

10 The people inside

11 The bakery

12 Sabil-Kuttab of Abel Kathkuda

13 A balcony

14 Minarets of Bayn al-Qasrayn

15 Mosques

16 The Corniche

17 Balcony II

18 Religion (a washing fountain in a mosque)

19 Qirmiz alley – the entrance

20 Qirmiz alley

21 The tunnel of Qirmiz alley

22 A cul-de-sac

23 Busy streets